Coronavirus updates: Southern California to enter lockdown; daily cases reach another record

  • Coronavirus infections reached a new daily high of nearly 228,000 cases on Friday. The 227,885 cases eclipses the previous high of more than 217,000 on Thursday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.
  • Health officers in six San Francisco Bay Areas counties have issued a new stay-at-home order ahead of a state plan.
  • Student loan borrowers won’t have to make payments on federal student loans until the end of January, the U.S. Education Department said Friday, extending a pandemic-era reprieve through the first days of the Joe Biden presidency.
  • U.S. employers added a disappointing 245,000 jobs in November despite the looming halt of extended jobless benefits and other federal lifelines for millions of Americans.

Southern California to enter lockdown

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US reaches daily high of nearly 228,000 cases

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McConnell backs lawsuit challenging Kentucky governor’s school order

Moscow begins vaccinations

‘A lot more’ must be done to distribute vaccine, Biden says

COVID-19 side effects mean your body is reacting properly, experts say

COVID-19 resources from USA TODAY




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